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Freddy Krueger
6 February
Name: Frederick Charles Krueger

Alias: Fred, Freddy

Age: 30's roughly when he died

Gender: male

Movie: Nightmare on Elm street series & Freddy Vs. Jason

Skills: Freddy is cunning and clever. His favorite choice of weapons are his trademark glove with 6 inch razors attached to the fingers and his oppnents dreams, though he has been known to use other weapons when he has to.

His supernatural abilities include the ability to enter other people's dreams and hurt/kill them there as well as his abilities to possess other people through their dreams though he rarely does this, preferring to remain in the dream realm. He can also shift back and forth between his human "alive" apperance and his burnt appearance, which is something that he uses to confuse his victims.

Weakness: Freddy cannot truly be killed, but he can be hurt or even banished back to hell. In the dream he is stronger and sustains less damage but it is possible to hurt him there. In the real world he can be hurt much like any other person. For Freddy it isn't just the kill that he likes but rather the torment he can inflict on his prey. This is a weakness because it distracts Freddy from killing, can be exploited by the hero's and allows his victims the chance to escape.

Freddy has very little power to harm those who are not afraid of him, though finding such a person is rare but it is not impossible. He is also very arrogant which leads him to be over-confident in his abilities and under-estimate the abilities of others, which causes him to make mistakes.

Finally, though he may not think so Freddy can be a coward. Yes, he will go after bigger oppenents but he'll also try to save his own skin, preferring to fight dirty and on the sly rather than face to face.

I ain't Kruger I'm just playing him in an RPG, got it ?